An Abbreviated Master Plan History

In 1968, Flower Mound was selected to be a New Town through the New Communities Act under President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The developer for the New Town created the first Master Plan for its 6,156 acres out of a total of the 17,588 acres within the existing town limits of Flower Mound.

However, the New Town went bankrupt and the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) acquired the unsold land and the Municipal Utility District (MUD) which provided sewer and water to New Town.  During Mayor Gary Pressler’s administration a deal was struck with HUD for the Town of Flower Mound to take over the MUD and, as part of the deal HUD agreed to create the first Town-wide Master Plan by and for the citizens and paid for by HUD.  Wallace Roberts and Todd (WRT) was the firm the Town used to develop the plan. The year was 1979.  After a long democratic process the WRT plan was finally adopted in 1981.

This Master Plan set Flower Mound apart from every other growing town for its size.

1994 was the last major Master Plan update with smaller changes in 1999, 2001.  Now there are those frequent Master Plan changes made by the Town Council that cause a cascade of Master Plan change requests.  A partial cause and effect summary of the domino effect, usually met with community objections, follows: